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The Legatum Institute will host a workshop on educational reform in Iran as part of its Future of Iran series. The series is designed to encourage Iranians to begin thinking about the challenges they will face if, or when, they suddenly find themselves in a position to carry out major political, social and economic reforms.

Spanning over a day, panellists on this workshop will present their papers and discuss the current state of education policy in Iran. Special focus will be on the Islamic Republic’s use of ideology, as well as on civic education, both in the present and in a future, democratic Iran.

The discussion will be moderated by LI’s Director of Political Studies Anne Applebaum, and Programme Advisor, Sharan Tabari.

Panellists will present their ideas through two dedicated panels:

1. The Mainstream: Education in the Islamic Republic of Iran

2. The Alternatives: Civic Education In Iran – Or What Can Be Done Now

Panellists include:

  • Professor Saeed Paivandi, Professor in the Department of Education, University of Lorraine in Nancy, France
  • Professor Goli Rezai-Rashti, Professor of Education at the University of Western Ontario
  • Professor Cesar Birzea, Professor of Education & Policies at the National School for Political & Administrative Studies in Bucharest, Romania
  • Ms Mariam Memarsadeghi, Co-founder and Co-director of the E-Collaborative for Civic Education (Tavaana)
  • Mr Akbar Atri, Co-founder and Co-director of the E-Collaborative for Civic Education (Tavaana)
  • Ms Raha Bahreini, Co-Founder of Iran Academia: The Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Dr Nazila Ghanea, Lecturer in International Human Rights Law, University of Oxford
  • Mr Ted Huddleston, Consultant in civic and citizenship education; Associate, Citizenship Foundation in London

The full programme, including panellist biographies, can be downloaded here [PDF]

For more information and the final papers please click here.