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PRESS RELEASE — The Institute for Social Sciences & Humanities, Iran Academia, receives formal qualification under the European Qualifications Framework (EQF)

6 DEC 2016, THE HAGUE (NL)

The study program offered by the Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities, Iran Academia, is now formally qualified. The qualification was awarded to the program by the NCP NLQF, the Dutch coordinating body responsible for EQF implementation in the Netherlands. The European Qualifications Framework, or EQF, is an initiative of the European Commission as an effort to streamline (higher) education levels across Europe.

Iran Academia’s Social Studies program has been qualified at EQF Level 7, of which the learning outcomes correspond to the Master’s level (Second cycle of the QF-EHEA). The program offers an in-depth study of advanced topics in the Social Sciences & Humanities, including good governance & democracy, human rights, social movements and gender studies. The international Persian-speaking student body receives an advanced education free of charge covering both theory and relevant case studies. Course instructors consist of a range of faculty members tenured at renowned universities around the world.

The EQF qualification adds enormous value to the diploma that successful students receive. It helps prospective employers understand the level of education and learning outcomes that students meet after completing the program and obtaining the diploma. The qualification is also the first of its kind in the Netherlands: the diploma is the country’s first to be linked to a level 7 EQF qualification, all prior qualifications being at level 6 or lower.

“This qualification [deals with] specialized and interconnected knowledge, especially as theoretical knowledge is related to specific contemporary social phenomena”, states the NLQF classification report. “The focus is not just on reproducing knowledge, but on applying it.” “The learning- and development skills [in this qualification] are focused on largely autonomous development [of the student] during and after the program, in order to obtain a position within the academic community as well as in a professional context.”

For more information on the EQF Qualification or the study program, contact: [email protected]