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Iran Academia


The Iran Academia is dedicated to academic teaching in the humanities and social sciences disciplines. The objective of the Institute is to advance rigorous learning opportunities for students interested in examining and analysing current events and social developments occurring in Iran through the prism of the modern world.


The Academy subscribes to an open-door policy. Interested students may either elect to register for individual courses or enrol in a comprehensive academic curriculum. Completion of the comprehensive curriculum would entail a one year commitment. The development of the one year curriculum has been devised in accordance with the following criteria:
  1. Introducing students to critical thinking and writing, foundational social science theories and social science methodologies.

  2. Exposing students to more advanced approaches to examining critical developments in the realm of social and cultural studies.
  3. Examining advanced topics and case studies in social and cultural studies.

Language of Instruction:

The principal language of instruction will be Persian. However, students may occasionally opt to complete their assignments in another language prevalent in Iran subject to the availability of instructors. Students may also elect to complete their assignments in several foreign languages. The option to complete academic work in a language other than Persian will require the prior approval of instructors.